Underquoting an SEO client is a surefire way of getting the worst return on investment possible. This is because SEO is an ongoing competition.  It is a search engine ranking race where the goal is to not simply finish first but to remain at the front of the pack; to influence the direction of those behind you.


Assuming there are many in front of you, it is important to understand just how fast you have to run to surpass the competition. If you keep running at the same speed you will never catch up.


Your investment in SEO is what will determine your speed and your ranking. Do you want to run faster? Invest more! More budget means more time. Akin to a personal trainer, the more time you spend, the more progress you will see.

If you are investing $200 a month, and those ahead of you are investing $2500 a month, how are you supposed to surpass them? You cannot. It is important to calculate work on your speed so that results can be guaranteed.

If you were to invest $2000 a month, you could open up many avenues to revenue and strategically place yourself at the top of Google. With active leads and an additional $10,000 – $50,000 coming in, you would have an excellent return on investment.


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Search Engine Optimization is not an option. SEO is a must-have. Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the number of visitors to a website by ranking high in the search results of a search engine like Google. The higher a website ranks in the results of a natural search, the greater the chance the website will be visited by potential customers.


SEO IS EVER-CHANGING: Most Michigan small business owners are not aware that search engines such as Google change how they rank websites on a regular basis. Last year Google tweaked their search algorithm over 180 times. Not all the changes affected your website, but a few of them may have an impact on your rankings.


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