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Michigan's best in Technical Support

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Web Design Company

Remote Software

We offer Digital business listing services, helping clients manage their local business directories online and more importantly get on the map.

Managed IT Services and Support

A business that is being throttled by a tech problem can lose thousands in revenue so the speed is of the essence. Building your own IT support team is going to allow you to have a member of staff that’s always available to work on any issues your business may face as and when they pop up.

Multiple Point Access

Full range of secure and reliable data backup services in Michigan.
We can help guide you through selecting the right location, frequency, and thoroughness of backups to meet your business needs. We’ll help you select from RAID arrays, NAS (network attached storage), external removable hard drives, and cloud-based back-ups services.

Open Source Communication

Larger companies tend to benefit more from an in-house IT support team as they can afford to train their staff and ensure they have up to date qualifications, while hire multiple members of staff for different areas a business may need.

Michigan Marketing Agency
Who is the best Michigan SEO company?

What are the advantages of choosing Engage Web Designs as your Online Marketing Agency?

There are considerable key objectives to connect digital marketing clients for the purpose of igniting interaction with your corporate brand via the efficient delivery of your digital properties.

Digital communication enables effortless access to data, quickly and safely – at an affordable cost. Clients that have access to your digital mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, Email, are perfect for receiving timely communications – including offers and conversion strategies.

Engage is always available to connect with our clients to help layout a digital plan to grow online, and increase lead generation possibilities. We are determined to rank our clients, we implement effective online campaigns and strategies based on our clients objectives. Our goals are vast, and include yielding brand awareness and new business opportunities. We recognize the importance of internet prominence not only n Michigan but WOLD WIDE, and ensure that we complement our clients company vision.


As covered above, creating your own in-house support team is expensive. Hiring an MSP on the other hand is a fraction of the cost and it gives you access to a team of experts.




Basic Plan +
Fully dedicated teams of 2-15 associates, hand-picked to align with your brand and values.
+ Weekly Data Backups

24/7 Coverage Available
In-house WIFI Access point setup

Shared Associates

Email Support & Live Chat

Upgrade to Dedicated Teams at any time
120 Minutes on Support each month



($199.00 In pearson setup fee)
24/7 Coverage Available
In-house WIFI Access point setup

Shared Associates
Remote Access Setup

Email Support & Live Chat

Upgrade to Dedicated Teams at any time
60 Minutes on Support each month



All Professional package items
+ 3 hours of support each month
+ Company CRM setup

Managed IT services for desktop, server, firewall, anti-spam and other devices.

Unlike other managed services providers, we don't lock you into long term contracts and understand that as your business grows your needs will also change.

A complete array of virtualization services including full, partial, para and hardware assisted.

We can customise our virtual servers to your individual needs so if you would like to discuss our virtualization services for your Michigan business get in touch for more information.

Engage Technical Support offers hourly billing or flat-fee services that help you with a predictable monthly budget for any or all of your IT infrastructure.

Connect and secure your cicrcel at all times with the support you deserve. 

Technical Support You Can Trust

Managed IT support and services refers to businesses outsourcing their IT to a third party such as Engage Technical to assume the responsibility for maintaining and developing the company's IT services. Companies in Michigan may need help with a variety of IT services such as upgrading their legacy system or getting their system in line with the latest data compliance.

Cut down on costs

As covered above, creating your own in house support team is expensive. Hiring an MSP on the other hand is a fraction of the cost and it gives you access to a team of experts.

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Expert service

If you were to hire someone to help with server configuration, the chances are that is the only area of technology that they are an expert in. If all you do is set up servers that may be fine, but most businesses will need help with computer maintenance, email setup, firewall protection and so much more

Remote Access

Engage Technical has a team of experts that can help with all of your support needs including, consulting, networking, security, data backup, Microsoft Exchange services, and other data management and solutions.

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Cyber Security

Without talking to one of our technical consultants it's difficult to know if your business needs any extra help, however its important to know that on average 60% of businesses go out of business within 6 months of having a cyber attack.

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