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Why YOU should RUN from cheap web design companies!?

Now I'm sure you all have seen the ads and offers for "Amazing website for $200" let us save you some serious headache and explain why you should run as fast as you can from a cheap web design quote.

How some companies can offer cheap website design services

Think about this. Web design is a competitive industry. Even established agencies have to compete to secure projects, so this leaves the question of how can some agencies work for such a low fee?

1. They outsource your project to low-cost overseas workers

This goes without question your project suffers from low-quality work from cheap agencies that pump out cookie-cutter websites that may even look fine but have no juice to run or perform how they should.

2. They don't care about your sites internal quality

There is a lot inside working websites that isn't apparent on the outside. Low-cost web design companies ignore these small but crucial requirements and best practices.