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Why YOU should RUN from cheap web design companies!?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Now I'm sure you all have seen the ads and offers for "Amazing website for $200" let us save you some serious headache and explain why you should run as fast as you can from a cheap web design quote.

How some companies can offer cheap website design services

Think about this. Web design is a competitive industry. Even established agencies have to compete to secure projects, so this leaves the question of how can some agencies work for such a low fee?

1. They outsource your project to low-cost overseas workers

This goes without question your project suffers from low-quality work from cheap agencies that pump out cookie-cutter websites that may even look fine but have no juice to run or perform how they should.

2. They don't care about your sites internal quality

There is a lot inside working websites that isn't apparent on the outside. Low-cost web design companies ignore these small but crucial requirements and best practices.

3. Your site structure isn't scalable

A quality website isn't a one-time investment. As your business and market change, your site will need refinements. Cheap websites don't have the customization options necessary to support your business growth. this Lack of extensibility will make these sites redundant fast.

Problems with cheap website design

1. Low-quality websites will make you lose customers

A website is a lot more than it looks; if your site is poor UX, potential customers simply won't covert. If its internal structure isn't SEO friendly, you will have a hard time getting natural traffic.

2. Your Website won't stand out

We will leave a bit of common sense to come into play here. It isn't hard to tell whether or not your business has invested into your website appearance is everything they say, and that certainly stands true with web design.

3. You risk a breach of security

Cheap web design leads to poor web security practices when building a website. As a result, you may experience security breaches and could even lose control of the site. Getting hacked will tarnish your brand and image; for an e-commerce site, this could be catastrophic.


"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten" - Benjamin Franklin

Ready to make a suitable investment in your company, give us a call and save yourself the horrors of cheap web design!

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